Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 With Aerial Camera

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You’ve left it late, but there’s still time to enjoy getting active in the last days of summer. And possibly the easiest, techiest way of enjoying the great outdoors is to become a pilot — a drone pilot, that is. With the craze growing all the time, drones are getting smaller, smarter and more affordable.
That is typified by the Micro Drone 2.0, which only weighs just over an ounce, yet has a range of 400 feet and a video/photo camera on a swivel mount. In fact, it is the only micro drone in the world with that camera setup. Charged via USB, this little quadcopter is also pretty easy to fly — self-righting, in fact — and it is pre-programmed to pull 360ยบ flips for when you fancy showing off.
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