Monday, October 13, 2014

Dubai Police trial high-tech radar to tackle speeding

A new ‘smart’ radar that can be fixed inside police cars will be on the lookout for speeding motorists on Dubai’s roads as part of a police campaign to have zero deaths by 2020.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad bin Sabeeh, deputy director of smart services department at Dubai Police, two of the devices will be road-tested in the coming weeks with a view to increasing them over time.
Bin Sabeeh said the radar can be programmed to the various speed limits on Dubai’s roads and readings can be taken from inside the police car.
“We hope this radar will crack down on motorists who drive over the speed limit,” Bin Sabeeh said yesterday.
Dubai Police claim that the smart radars are the first of their kind in the region, but didn’t reveal the range of the devices.
Police also said speeding is still the main offence on Dubai’s roads. Official statistics show that more than 750,000 speeding tickets, totalling more than Dhs500 million, were issued in the first six months of this year.
Speeding represents about 60 per cent of all offences, police say.
>>Dubai Police say their new app has been downloaded 295,131 times and generated Dhs54.9 million in revenue