Saturday, February 10, 2018

Telegram adds streaming and auto-night mode on Android

Telegram has added streaming support on the Android app. Videos can now be watched without downloading them first. Clicking on the video will start streaming and you can watch it instantly.
Telegram video streaming auto-night mode auto-night mode
Telegram video streaming • auto-night mode
The update also adds auto-night mode on Android. The app can now automatically switch to the night mode at night or in a dark environment. These changes are available in the latest v4.8 of the app.
Telegram also announced a new login widget for websites. Websites can now have the Telegram widget to authenticate new users, similar to Facebook, Twitter or Google login. While logging in with the Telegram widget for the first time, you will get confirmation message in the app to authenticate your browser. After loggin in, Telegram shares your name, Telegram username and profile picture with the website but nothing else, including your phone number. You can always revoke your authorization at a later date if you wish.
Login confirmation Improved bots
Login confirmation • Improved bots
Along with the widget, Telegram also improved the bots, which can now interact with you directly without you first having to message them. These bots can now be used by services for things such as customer support, accepting payments, or sending notifications for things like delivery status, flight status, account statements, etc.