Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Windows 10’s new WiFi Sense shares your WiFi password with Facebook, Outlook, and Skype contacts

Windows 10

That last feature is the potentially controversial one. When you turn on this feature of WiFi Sense (and it’s not clear if the feature comes activated or not), it will request permission to connect to Outlook, Skype, and Facebook on your behalf. Other users on your friends list who also run Windows 10 will have their contact information shared with you as well, assuming they also enable the feature.As Windows 10 moves towards final status, some of the operating system’s new features and capabilities are getting attention. One new option, brought over from Windows Phone 8.1, is called WiFi Sense, but it’s debut on the desktop could be controversial given what the feature does. WiFi Sense will automatically connect you to detected crowdsourced WiFi networks, acquire network information and provide “additional info” to networks that require it (it’s not clear exactly what constitutes additional info), and can be used to automatically share your WiFi password with your contacts on Facebook, Skype, and Outlook.